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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my first class be like?

If you are new to jiu jitsu, your first class at the academy will focus on a basic introduction to jiu jitsu and our academy etiquette in our private mat room. After your introduction, you can watch a full  the class  happening at that time and get a feel for what training is like at Meraki.  On your second visit, you get to participate in class and we will strive to match you up with a more experienced partner of similar size who will help you through the day’s training. If you already have have jiu jitsu experience, you are welcome to join class and participate in training on your first visit.

What should I bring to class?

If you are new to jiu jitsu, you only need to bring a comfortable training shirt and a good attitude, we will provide you with a loaner gi (uniform). If you already own a white gi, you are of course welcome to bring it with you. If you would like to shower at the academy after class, you should bring a towel as well.

Am I going to get hit in class?

No. There are no strikes, kicks, or punches in jiu jitsu. And our goal is never to hurt one another on the mat. The beauty of jiu jitsu is that you can train near 100% without sustaining physical damage or injury. Our approach goal is to progress and grow as a group, which means we take care of each other on the mat. We do not tolerate members who do not observe our code of conduct on the mat. 

Do I need to be in shape?

Jiu Jitsu is physically demanding, but you can start at any fitness level. Regular jiu jitsu training will naturally get you in shape and we have many members who transformed their body and conditioning within their first 6 months of training.  Moreover, in addition to our jiu jitsu classes, we offer 50 minute sessions of high-intensity Meraki Athletic Training (MAT50) that are designed to improve your overall fitness for jiu jitsu and beyond.

Our Location

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We are conveniently located on the corner of Olympic Blvd. and Barry Ave.

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